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Outside of work, I like to work on a variety of projects to investigate ideas and keep up to date with changes in technology. All the code is freely available under the MIT license – keep my name and it’s yours to do what you like with. Send a pull request if you do something smart with it :)

Previous Projects


Celsus is a PHP and JS library that is derived from Zend Framework and uses jQuery, for rapid application development of RESTful ish applications. It contains some nice features such as client and server-side validation from a single set of constraint definitions, intelligent cache-control for page resources, a full Service-Mapper-Model layer with built-in field-level security filtering and adapters for a number of datasources including CouchDB, Redis and Facebook. You can find the code on GitHub.

You Need A Montage

Create an image montage online by dragging and dropping pictures, using a combination of jQuery and ImageMagick, with some AJAX file uploading. Try it out here. (Coming to GitHub soon!)

Morning Sunset

Morning Sunset is a nice HTML + CSS demonstration, which fades a background image into another as a reader scrolls down the page. You can see a demonstration here and a write-up here.


Morgana is a fledgling Erlang library under active development, currently only of note for a matrix module that is better than a lot of others advertised on the web. It was going to be called Merlin, but that’s a pretty popular name. Code is here.

Former Projects


Gengo was the first truly functional multi-lingual plugin for WordPress, enabling complete translation of a site, its content and labels, and offering useful tools like reader-controllable language switching and automatic language detection from brower settings. After a hiatus, much of its capabilities have been mimicked and updated by WPML, which is now recommended as an alternative.


With a strong interest in continuous integration and development best practices, I contributed some code and ideas to Xinc, a purely PHP continuous integration server.