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  • Proving just how easy it is to adapt to foreign cultures, a top 10 list of things that would have been crazy only 1 month ago.

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Today is my one month Japanniversary! I arrived on the 25th March, but it already feels like I’ve been here much longer. I’ve got used to a lot of things that were totally strange at first.

So, the top ten things that aren’t weird, but should be:

  1. Being stared at by everybody, everywhere.
  2. Nobody sitting next to you on public transport, even when it means they have to stand.
  3. Lampposts that sing to you when you walk past.
  4. Not being able to read anything.
  5. Not being able to understand background conversations.
  6. Every single product having a mascot.
  7. Every single shopworker shouting “Welcome” as you enter a store.
  8. Melons costing upwards of £10.
  9. People cycling on crowded pavements at full speed expecting you to move.
  10. Seeing maybe one non-Japanese person a day, excluding Nova teachers.

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