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  • Suicide is already unpleasant enough, but apparently in Japan, the remaining family is also liable for cleanup costs.

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The Death Penalty

I find this hard to believe, but a Japanese person told me this today (so it must be true). If you commit suicide in Japan by jumping in front of a train and don’t have adequate insurance, your family is liable for the costs of cleaning up your remains and any loss of business resulting from your death. I can only imagine what it’s like to be presented with an invoice which basically boils down to:

Further to your family member’s recent suicide, please inspect and honour the following items:

Cleaning (Blood etc; 4 people x 3 hours @ ¥2,000 ppph) – ¥24,000

Sundries (Removal of your father / brother / husband’s [Please delete as applicable] torso) – ¥50,000

Subtotal – ¥74,000
Tax @ 5% – ¥3,700

Total – ¥77,700

Please Pay Promptly

Many thanks for your custom. Choose us again next time!

Unbelievable. And yet worryingly believable…

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