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  • A good old bender, Japanese style, which means staying in one place and having the beer come to you.

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It’s entirely possible I might still be drunk, as there is no hangover to speak of yet and I can’t imagine that last night won’t catch up with me eventually. A small gathering turned into about 20 of my friends sitting around a table eating, drinking and doing karaoke till after 3am. We didn’t end up going anywhere else after, partly because some people weren’t in any fit state, but also because we’d already spent a lot of money. Between us, we drank 120 “Nama Dai” Beers, which are roughly 2 pints each. On top of that was some more beer, wine and a few cocktails. The bill came to ¥96,492 which, at current exchange rates, is around £500…

As far as I can tell everyone had a great time. I certainly did. Now I need to recuperate on my two days off because on the 5th it’s Jeff, another teacher’s birthday, and we might well do the same thing again! Thank god I’m earning money now!

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