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  • Adverts in Japan are weird. This one is more normal than most.

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Now that cable has gone off again, we don’t watch tv much anymore. But occasionally there’s a film in English so it’s on now and again. In a land where all the adverts are weird, this is one of the more normal ones…


Boy on beach. He’s hot. He spies a fridge. Bottom door opens, see a pair of tanned legs and a chest with a picture of a kettle on it. Boy closes door in horror. Top door opens, see a crazy tanned guy’s face with a headband grinning manically. Boy shits himself and slams door shut again. Both doors open, and the crazy guy jumps out, shouts something in Japanese. Boy and man drink some drink together. Guy jumps back into fridge. Cue crazy mascot and high pitched jingle. Fin.

I’m not sure even that adequately describes it. If you’re like Tim from ‘The Office’ and can’t cope with the wackiness of Comic Relief, I strongly advise against subjecting yourself to Japanese TV. You thought Banzai or Takeshi’s Castle was weird? Really, you haven’t seen anything.

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