• 30 . 07 . 04
  • Just as I was getting to grips with my bike, it’s been nicked. Curses.

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Bunch Of Tea Leaves

The honeymoon is over. All my illusions have been shattered. Someone nicked off with my bike yesterday, meaning I’m now forced to walk or talk the bus again. To be fair, it was my own fault as I left it unlocked for 6 hours in the middle of town, but still it’s a wake up call that all’s not perfect. Bike theft is one of the biggest problems, crime-wise and I’ve got almost zero chance of getting it back. Although it was registered I don’t expect the police to spend to much time looking for one pretty generic silver bike in a city of about 300,000…

I suppose, given that crime will always exist, that I would prefer to live in a society where that crime is mostly the stealing of unattended bikes, rather than breaking and entering or random assaults. Anyway, it’s just a reminder not to take things too carefully. You can get a used bike here for about ¥4000 so I’ll be back terrorising the streets in no time!

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