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  • With my reading comprehension the way it is, there’s no wonder I didn’t realise that Hanabi literally meant Fireworks.

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Fire Flowers

So it seems I made a little mistake last week. Hanabi isn’t actually a fireworks festival at all. Hanabi means fireworks in Japanese. So all this week when I’ve been asking Japanese people what they are doing for ‘Hanabi’ I must have been sounding like an idiot! Nothing new there then.

Hanabi translates literally as “Flower Fire”, which is kind of poetic and obvious. I even knew both the Kanji that made up the written form, but it didn’t really click…

Anyway, the second display was supposed to be on Saturday, but it was cancelled at the last minute due to a particularly violent thunderstorm which sounded like buildings were falling down. The forked lightning in the clouds over the mountains and castle looked particularly awesome, but naturally my photography skills once again failed to capture the moment with any real feeling.

The display instead took place last night, and it turned out to be even better than last week. This is because the newspaper sponsoring last night’s display has a much bigger circulation and therefore more money to throw at it. 36,000 fireworks were let off last night in 2 hours. Great stuff.

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