• 18 . 10 . 04
  • A day trip to Nagashima Spa-Land, an amusement park with rickety rollercoasters.

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Primate, Fear

Well after having my bike nicked, I was definitely due some instant good karma. And how did that good karma manifest itself? In the shape of a giant pink blow-up monkey which I won at a theme park! Secretly, I was hoping for a new set of wheels or perhaps even a PSX, but you can’t have everything and an inflatable plastic primate at least brightens my room up a little. I’ve christened him Simeon.

My work building was closed for cleaning today, so I had the day off and a few teachers decided to go to Nagashima Spa Land theme park as a bit of a break. It was only about an hour away so we had most of the day there. The others were a bit gutted that Steel Dragon, the longest, tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world was closed. I was pretty glad myself, especially since it derailed last August; the prospect of coming unstuck at 95mph seemed like taking thrill-seeking just a little too far. There were plenty of other coasters up and running though, including the UltraTwist which involved moving track segments and being fired backwards through a corkscrew.

Considering my love hatred of heights and all things falling I reckon I didn’t bottle out too much did pretty well, going on the majority of rides. I have a ride photo showing me as what I imagine is the most scared in my life, made all the more worse by the fact that everyone else in the photo is perfectly happy, with Ann-Marie even performing a no-hand super-genki just to rub it in. No matter, I have my monkey to console me…

Oh, and just in case you were wondering who the obligatory mascot is for Nagashima, it’s Peter Rabbit…

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