• 09 . 11 . 04
  • A bonsai festival marks the arrival of spooky music in the park next door.

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Bonsai Festival

There’s some sort of festival going on in Gifu Park at the moment. I noticed today that there are a few hundred flower and bonsai displays in and around the park and hordes of school children wandering around. Inside the park proper, there are life-sized costumed puppets set in various poses; in trees, fishing, in watch towers and tending plants. No-one has thus far been able to tell me what it’s all for, but at any rate it makes the park look cool and it’s the busiest I’ve ever seen it.

They’ve also finally stopped playing the spooky music that was always coming from the fountain at night. Even from my balcony, you could hear it play a weird melody that was something like a cross between the X-Files and The High Chaparral. Some questions I guess are best left unasked.

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