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  • Gameshows here scrape the barrel for ideas, but somehow are still riotously entertaining.

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Ridiculous Japanese Gameshows

Three TV programmes doing the rounds here that made me laugh:

  1. How Many Things Can You Eat? – A challenge show where a couple of contestants have to eat a ridiculously high number of the same thing in a week. Bad for the digestive system, but good for ratings. Challenges have included 1000 crackers and water biscuits.
  2. Guess The Underwear – Another gameshow. Not quite sure of the specifics of this one, but two opposing teams have to guess something about a Japanese girl. If they get it right, she strips to her underwear. If she gets it wrong, a curtain goes up and she strips for the other team. Women as objects? Never!
  3. How Perverted Are You? – Yet another gameshow – they do like them here. A B-list celebrity goes into a shop with his mate, and then leaves temporarily on a pretext. Hidden cameras then watch to see how much his mate oggles a planted pretty girl in the shop, with money decreasing for each second. The record was 8 seconds to lose all the money on the gauge, caused by blatant, unabashed open-mouth staring. Women as cheap objects? No; this clearly teaches that if you look, you should pay lots

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