• 15 . 02 . 05
  • A true horror movie, Juon freaked me out good and proper.

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The Grudge

Just watched ‘Juon’ at the cinema tonight and I can honestly say it’s the scariest film I’ve ever seen. I usually have a hard time suspending disbelief, but this film really didn’t let up at all. What makes it worse is that it’s a story about gaijin living in Japan! This replaces my previous most scary film, The Ring, which was also originally a Japanese film. When you think of all the horror videogames coming from Konami and Capcom et al, I think you’ll agree that the Japanese are really the masters of horror. It remains to be seen whether the forthcoming Ring Two will usurp it.

And an interesting fact. The word Juon, though written in Kanji, isn’t really a Japanese word, it’s a portmanteau, combining the Kanji for ‘curse’ and ‘grudge’. Though not a real word, Japanese people understand the idea very well as soon as they see it written down!

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