• 19 . 02 . 05
  • Another version of X-Valid which fixed up a couple of issues, added compatibility and one-click installation.

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X-Valid 0.95

For those who are interested, I’ve just made a newer version of X-Valid available. For those who’ve forgotten, X-Valid is a plugin for the WordPress blogging system which can automatically correct incorrectly marked-up posts and comments. It has a number of options that allow you to choose how leniently or strictly it performs, including automatic addition of required attributes and removal of invalid tags.

Version 0.95 supports the newly released WordPress 1.5 and is integrated into a single menu/plugin file. Unfortunately, it no longer supports WordPress 1.2.x (which ironically means I can’t use it on this blog until I’ve upgraded), but I’ll be working to try and backport a few of the new improvements to the older branch.

The most apparent feature is that of multiple doctype selection. Now you can choose to validate against either the XHTML Strict or Transitional 1.0 doctypes by selecting it from the menu. The menu interface itself has had a few alterations, the internal architecture of the plugin has had some spring cleaning and a couple of bugs have been fixed (Props to Jon Abad for pointing out it was entirely broken in 1.5!).

It now integrates nicely with the Plugin Manager and is One-Click installable. If you want to install it manually, you can get it here but be aware that you’ll have to change some file permissions before it will work.

As always comments, feedback and feature requests are all welcomed. Contact me here.

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