• 15 . 03 . 05
  • I have to get the visa form right, else I might be corralled into a very different and somewhat older profession.

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Make Sure You Tick The Right Box

Visa forms can be complicated at the best of times, but here’s some news that makes it doubly important for me to tick the correct box on the form. As an English teacher, my rather inflated official visa title is ‘International Relations Advisor’ or something. It seems to me that that title is far more appropriate for those who come to Japan on an ‘Entertainment’ visa, which are now being limited to actual entertainers. Now, I have no first-hand experience of this (honestly!), but from what I’ve heard, the Philipinos (and indeed Russians, Latvians and other Eastern Bloc-ers) are all very adept at ‘entertaining’ in Yanagase on a Friday night. I’m sure they do a lot more for International Relations than I ever could!

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