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  • Keen to get out of the apartment, a bunch of us go bowling.

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Strike Night

I think that last post made me seem like I’m pissed off with being in Japan, which I’m not. As if to prove myself wrong, I went out bowling tonight for the first time in ages and was surprised to find that I could still do it. The greek Adonis-like statue in the entrance hall had me worried that this was some sort of theme bowling alley, but thankfully it was just the same as back home.

The best thing, though, was how you got your bowling shoes. That is, it would have been. Bowling shoes in Japan are received, like everything else here, from a vending machine. Unfortunately, the designers hadn’t reckoned on giant Gaijin shoe sizes (that is, anything above 28cm, or UK size 8.5), which didn’t fit in the compartment. We had to go to the counter specially to get ours, which was greeted with characteristic exclamations of surprise and wonder. There were lots of shared giggles between the counter staff as they handed over a pair of 30 and 33cm shoes.

My scores of 116 and 129 were pretty respectable so I was happy with that and a McDonalds to finish the night wrapped things up nicely. I also found the best gift ever. Devoid of inspiration but don’t want to just give money? Enjoy good tasty food, but are prudent with money? Then here’s the perfect present for you: McDonald’s gift vouchers! From a vending machine!

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