• 16 . 05 . 06
  • Making plans to head up to Broome in northern Western Australia

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Broome Time

Ask almost any Australian where you should visit and they’ll tell you the place that they come from, or at least their state. Everybody is very proud of their own backyard and they aren’t shy to tell you about it. The other place they tell you about and the place that is mentioned on lots of TV adverts is Broome, a small town in the North-West that boasts one of the country’s finest beaches in Cable Beach and camel rides with extraordinary sunset views. Having lounged about in Perth waiting for a job offer to appear, I’ve decided I’ve imposed on my friends’ hospitality too long and I’ve just booked a flight up the coast to see if the adverts are right.

I’ll be staying at the Cable Beach Backpackers which is reputed to have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and I’ll be staying for at least a week, after which time I’ll decide what to do next.

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