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  • On Manly Beach, and being on Manly Beach, and the disappointment of being on Manly Beach.

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Tourism By The Numbers

Another day, another world-famous beach, this time Manly. But, honestly, it’s hard to see why. The ferry ride out from Circular Quay was lovely but the place itself is a cove and a beach connected by a mall with shops by the hundreds designed to bleed you dry as efficiently as possible. The beach was certainly nice, but no-one was in the sea because it was ‘too cold’ (and they call Poms soft!), so the visitors who were there by the thousands all crowded onto the sand, fighting for some space to lay a towel. It didn’t feel relaxing at all and doesn’t compare to somewhere like Jurien Bay on the West Coast.

After not very long, it all got a bit too much, so we headed a bit further up the coast to a little place called Long Reef. Sure, the water wasn’t quite as blue, and the sand not quite as white, but there were kite surfers by the dozens, people by the few and rockpools filled with little creatures by the millions. (Though sadly, not rockpools filled with Little Creatures). Even so, the hours I spent there were much more pleasant than the minutes at Manly. Now I just have to pack for tomorrow!

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