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  • Gengo is a multi-lingual plugin for WordPress that has fallen by the wayside. Is there enough interest out there for me to restart development on it?

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Do You Still Want Gengo?

Gengo was (and remains) a project that I am very fond of. Originally developed for my own personal use to blog in Japanese as well as English, it turned into a fairly full-featured plugin that was used by quite a few people. Unfortunately, time pressures meant that I had to drop support for it a few years ago. Even so, every few weeks I get an email or comment (usually nothing to do with the post it was written against!) asking me to consider restarting development.

It might just be the alcohol talking, or end-of-financial-year madness, but with WordPress 3.0 recently out and a couple of requests already this week, I’m seriously considering starting development again. I do have a couple of projects I want to do though, so I only want to dedicate time to Gengo if it’s going to be used. My Japanese has sadly diminished to the point where I’m practically mono-lingual again, so I’m not going to be blogging in multiple languages any time soon, and it would purely be for others to use. So, if enough people email me or comment in the next week or so, I’ll give it a crack. Second time around, I’ll hopefully be able to design it more cleanly and more quickly, and WordPress’ plugin architecture hopefully hasn’t changed too much while I’ve been away.

So if you want to see a new version of Gengo, please let me know. On the other hand, I hear very good things about WPML, so If Gengo’s time has passed, feel free to say that too! I won’t have hurt feelings, promise 🙂

25 responses to “Do You Still Want Gengo?”

  1. Remisan says:

    Yes, I do still want to see this! WPML is NOT good enough. Yours is!

  2. Fsadfsa says:

    Remisan is right! we need Gengo

  3. Martino says:

    I really need it too! I need this plugin!

  4. That would be great!

  5. Webnewbie says:

    And.. what is about X-valid?.

  6. kimon says:

    Yes, that would be nice !

  7. GengoUser says:

    Great news ! In my point of view, there is one missing feature on Gengo (that brings me to your blog every 3 months to see if there is a new version coming). The URLrewritting put the language “tag” at the end of the url which makes google mad in its index…

    Otherwise you can be proud of your job as it's a nice piece of code !

  8. Yas says:

    Ah yes! I'd love to see a new version! I do speak both English and Japanese, was looking for a good plug-in for my blog!

  9. Jesse Chase says:

    Definitely Take a crack at it. There isn't a great solution out there!

  10. morpheus7 says:


    I've never used Gengo but multilingual logs are still a problem for WordPress, so every new plugin is great!

  11. Bruno says:

    Yes. We want. 🙂

  12. Nospam says:

    Yes! Give us a new version! 🙂

  13. danb says:

    Would love to see what you can do to help WP users make their sites multi-lingual.

    I’ve been playing around with WPML for the last day or two, maybe it’s just me since I’m new to that and WP, but I don’t find it intuitive or the directions & documentation clear at all. And can’t get various seemingly basic things to work, at least so far.

    So by all means do throw your hat back in the ring!

  14. […] done a big history rewrite by moving my version of gengo to git. If ever Jamie Talbot is really seriously considering starting development again. Then I hope he can pick some patches from my […]

  15. Divxsata says:

    I love gengo

  16. Jamie, we’re looking for a tool to help us localization our software by tapping into our multilingual userbase (crowdsourced, if you will). Do you consult on localization tools or freelance as a developer that might be able to build one from something like Pootle or a custom non-plugin version of Gengo? (scottmagdalein at gmail.com)

    VERY serious about this inquiry.

  17. Paolo/pixline says:

    Hey Jamie! Nice to find you again!!

    I just did just wrote a letter to the supposed Gengo-hackers list about a refresh of Gengo. I had some troubles in mantaining Gengo by myself and I left development for a couple years.

    So, what about joining our forces and bring back Gengo in full glory? I’d love to work with you in the same time on that! 🙂


  18. Jamie Talbot says:

    Hoisted by my own petard, it seems. Guess I’m back in the game 🙂

  19. Stefano says:

    Yes, i want it!!!
    Thanks so much!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    yes! just looking for a multilingual solution.

  21. I’ve never tried it; But my conclusion so far is that there are no nice multilanguage solutions for WordPress, so any development on this subject is a a huge step forward!

  22. Deniz says:

    yeah, a lot of people wait for Gengo. Yet i couldn’t use it, but i realy need a plug in like it

  23. Pieter says:

    Interesting. We used and liked Gengo but have to upgrade rather urgently, so it would be good to know if it will be continued. Thanks a lot.

  24. Cezar "ikari" Pokorski says:

    Yes! We do want Gengo for modern WP. 
    I spent last 3 hours looking for The Plugin and Gengo is my only candidate now. WPML would be the other one, if it didn’t want my 80 USD, which is much more than I have.

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