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  • The discovery of 95% of my website from way back when on the Internet Archive has given me a new task. Unfortunately, the site was only archived, not edited or improved.

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Retrieving The Past

As if there wasn’t copious enough evidence of the fact already, it has been proved to me this week that nothing you write on the Internet is ever really deleted. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the Internet Archive team and their colossal Wayback Machine, I’ve managed to dig up 95% of my posts as far back as March 2004, which I had thought lost after the server I was hosting on was summarily decommissioned without notice and an awful (read non-existent) backup regime.

The only challenge now is getting them back in. Looks like it will be a job to do by hand unfortunately. The time involved to write a script to scrape the pages, and update the links, categories and tags is going to outstrip inserting 150 posts manually. Maybe I’ll take the chance to do a bit of retcon as I add them, and correct some grevious errors and purple prose. Plus I get to play with and evaluate MarsEdit, which I think I’ll be using when I go off on my travels.

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