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  • Not having a connection is fine. Having one that works 20% of the time isn’t.

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If Tantalus had chopped up Pelops in modern day South East Asia, Zeus’ punishment for him would have been to get him to send an email requesting clemency over a network connection that dropped out every time he hit send.

A flaky network connection is the worst thing in the world, far worse than having no connection, and worse even than cucumber. The illusion of a connection is a cruel psychological trick, placing hotel bookings, photo uploads and communication with friends just tantalisingly out of reach.

Go on, press refresh just one more time – it’s bound to work this time.

As a bonus, instead of just failing gracefully, software that relies on the internet will run, recognising some connection exists, and wait inordinate periods to time out. I’m looking at you iPhoto.

The only solution is to convince yourself that you have no connection at all, and enjoy the freedom. Or at least, write about it and then upload it later.

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  1. El says:

    Really enjoying the blog. Sounds like the most amazing trip. Keep on trekkin’.

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