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Bits and Pieces: Vietnam, Cambodia

Yet more trivia for discerning minds!

  • It is not culturally insensitive to ask for a B-52 in a Vietnamese bar.
  • Mui Ne is curiously full of Russian tourists, and the restaurants have menus in Russian and cheesy Russian dance music.
  • Hanoi, not Ho Chi Minh City, is the capital of Vietnam. Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know that.
  • I managed to get through the entire 3 weeks in Vietnam without saying Good Morning Vietnam once!
  • In Cambodia, long nails are a sign of social status. Travelling nail-biters risk being seen as social pariahs. (That second part might not be true.)
  • Cheers in Khmer is Jol Moi. The very similar Joi Moi means… well Iago would say making the beast with two backs.
  • I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad indicator of safety that tuk-tuk drivers in Cambodia wear crash helmets. They certainly don’t provide them to passengers.
  • Bus journeys in Cambodia come with a show, as Cambodian pop music plays out on televisions, complete with sing-a-long lyrics and line dancing routines.

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