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  • Flotsam and jetsam from the Middle East.

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Bits And Pieces: Jordan and Egypt

Some falafel flavoured “facts”:

  • Researching Jordan is difficult; Katie Price has a lot to answer for.
  • Jordanians can’t read road maps. When asking for directions, the addition of a map will make an already confusing conversation impossible. (Based on an entirely scientifically accurate poll of two people.)
  • Lots of the houses here look unfinished, with rebar and pillars sprouting out of the tops of each roof. Apparently it is the dream of every man to own a home big enough to house his entire family and the extraneous material is there so that the son can add an additional level to the family home.
  • It is almost certainly culturally insensitive to hear the evening call to prayer and for a second think it is an air-raid siren, even if you’re only 30 miles from Libya.
  • The alcohol in Egypt is suspicious: Gordoon’s Gin, Johnny Warder Red Label and Finelandia Vodka are amongst the finer offerings.
  • A fantastic Egyptian song from 2010 has a title that roughly translates as You have too many male friends on Facebook.
  • Upper Egypt is in the South. Lower Egypt is in the North. It’s the Nile’s fault.

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