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  • Flamenco and Samba infused facts and observations.

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Bits And Pieces: Spain and Brazil

You have my 100% cast-iron money-back lifetime warranty guarantee that the following will delight and entertain you! (Not a guarantee.)

  • I can’t even speak Fast Show style fake Spanish as fast as real Spaniards can speak real Spanish.
  • The only songs that play on Spanish radio are from Michael Yackson (sic), Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Shakira and Nelly Furtado.
  • Spanish radio interrupts songs halfway through which can be a curse or blessing (see above).
  • Brazilian Pepsi and Coke cans have noticeably larger hole at the top to pour from than in Europe, and people seem to pour the liquid sideways from the cans.
  • There are surprisingly few waxing salons in evidence in Brazil.
  • You can’t buy a lemon in Rio for love nor money. Greengrocers, market stall owners and supermarket students will nod their heads vigorously, rummage around a little and then triumphantly produce… a lime.

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