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Women’s Lib

Things I learned today:

  • There is no age of consent in Japan.
  • The marital age without parental approval is 16 for women and 18 for men.
  • A man can get married to another woman the day after he gets divorced.
  • A woman legally has to wait 6 months after a divorce until she can marry again. This is to make sure she isn’t pregnant from the previous marriage.

The lack of parity in marital age is again unfortunately in line with the Japanese obsession with schoolgirls. Women think they have it bad in England because they don’t get equal pay. Imagine a country where it is still expected for a woman to give up even a 10 year career to do housework when she gets married. In fact, I’ve been told that a woman who isn’t married by the time they’re 28 or so is viewed as kind of a failure.

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