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  • Nakedness is a no-no in Japan, except when it’s of a schoolgirl in a cartoon.

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The Naked Truth

I found out today that not only is taking your shirt off in public frowned upon, on television and in the movies, any semi-explicit sexual material is blurred out. They seem to have a huge problem with nakedness, which is ironic considering that in the many hot springs in Japan, communal nakedness is a necessity.

A further contradiction is that there is no shortage of nakedness in cartoons. A cartoon called “Naked Mission” was on television the other night, and sure enough, it involved girls with guns getting naked and shooting at each other. Although cartoons are made for adults in Japan, there does seem to be a huge predilection for having women with guns in schoolgirl outfits attack other girls in tight costumes. From what I saw, (which by the way wasn’t much!) every other camera shot was drawn from an angle where the maximum amount of white cotton panties would be visible. If that meant drawing half of the cartoon from the floor looking up, then so be it…

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