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  • A minor but satisfying milestone on the way to Japanese illiteracy.

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100 Kanji

I can now read and (mostly) write 100 kanji. This means that I can still read practically nothing of any use, and it takes me 10 minutes to do so. But it’s a start I guess. My aim is to be able to read a newspaper by the time I leave. To do this I have to learn the official 1945 Kanji as specified by the government. With 46 weeks left, I have 1845 to learn. That roughly equates to 6 a day. However, my theory is to aim for 14 a day, which is two pages in my workbook. Given that I won’t be able to manage this, I assume I can slack off for roughly half the time and still be able to meet my target. I learned long ago that I needed built in failsafes to my plans as I tend to be pretty bad at sticking to them! A Japanese child takes 8 years to learn the kanji they know, but I’m not letting a little thing like that get in the way of my ambitions!

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