• 13 . 05 . 04
  • An angry red letter explains why I still don’t have internet access, and a new purchase makes me more mobile.

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New Wheels

I finally managed to get some internet time, so I can post at least a short entry. Getting the internet set up in my house has turned out to be the most difficult thing ever, thanks partly to my previous housemate not paying the telephone bill for February or March. I only found this out yesterday when an angry looking letter arrived from NTT. I couldn’t read it, but it was written in bold, red letters and I guess that means the same whatever country you’re in. Pretty soon, with the help of some Japanese friends, I should have regular broadband internet from my house. For those of you who want to know how I’ve been getting on, I’ve been writing regular entries on my laptop, so I’ll put them online as soon as possible. I’ve been taking lots of photos as well so they’ll be available soon too.

In other news, I have a brand new set of wheels! Today I bought a bike for about £35 and it’s made travel around town a lot easier already. It came with a bell and basket, and at home this would be the kind of bike your aunty would ride. Luckily all the bikes look like this, so I don’t look like too much of a muppet.

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