• 15 . 05 . 04
  • Boys night out, starting with deep fried food, and culminating inevitably, in karaoke.

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Tonight was “Frido” – the Nova boys’ night out. It’s a tradition with origins stretching back, ooh, 18 months at least, which dictates that all the boys go out, get plastered and at some point eat “Frido Potatoes” – which are basically just chips. We started off at a restaurant where you deep fry your own food. It’s all you can eat and drink for two hours for about £15. It’s self service meat on sticks which you then batter and stick in hot oil on your table. Then it’s a lottery for how long you should cook your food with the last one to get food poisoning being the winner. Following this, we moved on to Bottoms Up, a Gaijin friendly karaoke bar to murder some classics. Much beer was drunk, many times was “Frido!” shouted and it was good. Unfortunately, I had to leave at 2am just as it was getting warmed up, – work started at 10am for me and I still had to cycle home in the pissing rain.

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