• 14 . 05 . 04
  • My first taste of the infamous Japanese humidity. With steam rising from the ground, the world seems ethereal.

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Steamy Windows

Today was the first really humid day there’s been. Everything felt sticky and anything halfway active resulted in lots of sweat. Cycling to my Japanese lesson meant that I felt like I was sitting in a puddle. I was told that this is only mild and the worst is yet to come. Apparently I have to be prepared to throw away all my shirts as they will be ruined. Before that comes the rainy season which begins in about six weeks and we got a good idea what it will be like this evening. Torrential rain made cycling back home even more fun that cycling there. Coming from Manchester I at least have a bit of an advantage over the Aussies and Kiwis who don’t really know how to cope with water. Combined with the high heat, everything was giving off lots of steam and it made Kinka Mountain look really cool. With Gifu Castle lit up and intermittently covered by mist it made the whole mountain look kind of ethereal. It made for a great view, but none of the photos I took really did the atmosphere justice.

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