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  • A day trip with Kaori including the library and sushi.

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Sushi And Studying

Today I ate lunch in a real sushi restaurant – the kind where the food comes round on a revolving track and you just pick off what you’d like. I hated fish before I lived here, and the smell of cooked fish still isn’t too great, but raw is beautiful, light and fresh and surprisingly filling. And cheap too, – I ate all I could for about ¥400.

Following lunch, I went to a library with a Japanese friend, Kaori. We do a language exchange once a week, and she fixes any problems me and many of the other Gaijin have. The library has a pretty good foreign language section, so I’ve been able to read quite a few books since I’ve been here, and ironically have started studying Russian again. Makes sense right? Move to Japan, study Russian. Hmm…

Anyway, the foreign language section is on the second floor so we called the lift. Kaori realised she needed to do something on the ground floor first so we walked off. As the lift arrived, Kaori turned round and apologised to it. There was no-one inside; she was apologising to the lift itself for its wasted journey! Politeness gone mad!

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