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  • Canada Day gives us an (unneeded) excuse to drink by the river.

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Canada Day

Fireworks are ridiculously cheap in Japan, available all year round and, as far as I can tell, sold to anyone, regardless of age. Compare that to England; highly restricted, at limited times of the year, with a strong recommendation by the government not to buy them at all. There’s going to be two huge displays right next to my house at the end of July and beginning of August. Apparently, we’ll have a great view from our front door balcony.

Yesterday was Canada Day, an excuse for Canadians everywhere to get drunk and set off fireworks. Not normally recommended as the safest way to entertain yourself, nevertheless I still found myself with a gathering of Canadian gaijin on the banks of the Nagara river. Maintaining a healthy distance from the ‘live zone’ ensured that I had a great time, with minimal risk of loss of limb. Drinking sake out of Canadian shot glasses (kindly provided by our good English selves) inevitably helped. The fun wound up at around midnight, at which time the temperature was dropping to a comparatively chilly 28°c.

Not having a national day I figure I’m rightly able to celebrate all the colonial days in its stead*. Next up, Independence Day, then Australia Day!

*This is a joke, no nationalism please!

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