• 05 . 10 . 04
  • My local team win the baseball, affecting me in unexpected ways.

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Dragons Win

This week saw the end of the regular season for Japanese Baseball. Normally I don’t really care about baseball, especially since I subjected myself to intensive Clockwork Orange style viewing sessions in the early hours after late McDonalds shifts a few years ago. So when the Chunichi Dragons of Nagoya lifted the Central League flag, apart for being happy for my students, I didn’t really care.

That is until I discovered something great. To celebrate their victory, the majority of shops in Nagoya are now offering large portions of the their stock at discounted prices and will continue to do so for a while. With payday soon, I think I can finally justify buying something, if not on the trumped up pretext of celebrating my 6 month Japanniversary last week, then at least to help celebrate the victory and if all else fails, just because it is cheap.

Also; things I have seen recently:

  • A man with a pet squirrel performing tricks on the pavement in Nagoya.
  • Freeze-dried ice-cream.
  • An alarmingly high number of women dressed like Pikachu.

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