• 22 . 03 . 05
  • In which I obtain an extended visa and learn that the Japanese don’t really eat sushi that much.

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Visa Vie Sushi

I finally got all my visa stuff sorted this morning so I guess I’m officially staying! I did try and do it yesterday, arriving 10 minutes before the immigration office even opened, only to realise that it was closed due to the national holiday. Still an idiot, no matter my job description!

I was told the process only took 10 minutes, so I decided to go again early this morning to avoid the rush. Lucky I did too. I was the second in the queue and still nearly ended up missing the train to work because of all the other foreigners asking for help filling in their ‘entertainment’ visa application forms, which I didn’t find amusing. 45 minutes later, I got the stamp I was looking for and shot off to the station. Now that that’s out of the way, I can go back to having that extra hour in bed!

I also learned today that the Japanese really don’t eat sushi that much. It’s routinely assumed back home that the Japanese have it every day and, while I knew that wasn’t true, I was surprised to find out that most Japanese don’t even have it once a week, as it’s far too expensive. It’s considered a luxury here, something to be had every few weeks or even months. It shouldn’t have taken me a year to find that out! Goes to show I’ve still got a lot to learn…

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