• 23 . 03 . 05
  • A minor update to X-Valid necessitates another release post.

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X-Valid 0.96

Another update to my X-Valid plugin, though this time it’s only a small one. Upgrading is definitely optional. Version 0.96 adds the ability to add extra doctypes to the doctypes directory and have them automatically detected. The files will obviously need to be in X-Valid’s internal format, but it does provide future-proofing for including support for newer doctypes as and when they are developed. I might write one for XHTML 1.1, if anybody wants it. It also allows bloggers who are savvy enough to create customisable doctypes that allow site specifically allowed tags and attributes mixtures.

The main reason for this early release is a fix to a simple but annoying bug that a few people have encountered. Some reported messages similar to the following appearing:

Warning: initialise_tags(../wp-content/xvalid/xhtml-transitional-10.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /path/to/blog/wp-content/plugins/xvalid.php on line 250

I wasn’t able to recreate this problem myself but have been informed that the fix is a simple one, replacing a ‘require’ with a ‘require_once’. Thanks to Prem for taking the time to get in contact with me and point out the problem and the solution.

There are still a bundle of features I want to add, but finding the time is difficult. I’ll be getting on them as soon as I can, in particular attribute handling, which I think could be done more intelligently allowing for greater flexibility. Thanks to all those people who’ve mailed me with positive comments and found X-Valid useful, especially to those who have given constructive criticism and bug reports. If you have a problem, question or comment, let me know, thanks! You can go get X-Valid here.

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