• 24 . 03 . 05
  • Another snow day in Gifu – this is becoming something of an obsession…

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Snow Cycles

I got the chance to go snowboarding one more time today, for a total of nine this season! Me and Trev went back to Dynaland and today was made even better as we got to meet up with a friend who works at the resort. As well as being able to hang out, thanks to her, we got lunch and were able to rent snow-cycles and snow-scooters all for free! The scooters and bikes were quite difficult to get the hang of, but were really good fun once you did. I did have a pretty big fall from one of the cycles today once I’d got a bit cocky and decided to start taking photos and video while riding. Take note people, two hand on the wheel at all times!

I can’t image I’ll be going again this season. The weather was absolutely beautiful today, meaning that we could ride without hats, goggles and even jackets. On the other hand, this meant that the snow was pretty slushy and carved up easily, which made the going bumpy later in the day. Remembering the weather from last year, it will only get warmer and pretty soon the resorts will close. Now I need to find a summer sport that I can get obsessed with!

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